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Lake Ridge Gypsy Princess

Princess is an10 year old imported Gypsy  Vanner Mare.  She
is a half sister to the Gypsy Queen.  Princess has a beautiful
2012 bay colt sired by Wild Fire for sale. She is bred to
British Sterling for 2013
Princess is a dream to work with, so sweet and what a smooth
trot to ride.  She is also on the Gypsy Vanner Banner
Sire: Little Paddy    Dam: Teddy's Mare  
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Lake Ridge Gypsy Love

Lovely is a 10 year old Imported Gypsy Mare.
She was the first mare I fell in love with when I went to England .  I am very thankful to the Vines in England for
giving me the opportunity to purchase this beautiful mare! Lovely  has a beautiful 2011 black and white colt sired
by British Sterling named ZORRO on the for sale page
 LOVELY FOALED a beautiful buckskin colt named
Fire Storm on 4-18-2013 during out spring snow storm    He is for sale!
Sire: Lottery x dam: Pebbles
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Princess                          Biscuit                      Lovely
Lake Ridge Lady Vines

Beautiful Imported gypsy mare with mega feather. Sire
is the Producer aka (Buck Horse UK )   She has blessed
us with 3 beautiful fillies.  Her nickname is Trolley  when
we met her in England she was so wide 3 of us could sit
on her.  And room for more.   The sweetest mare ever!  
gypsy vanners for sale
gypsy vanners for sale
on right: Shelly Falk riding Lady Vines
at the Minnesota Horse Expo April
09.   Trolley was just recently started
under saddle and she did fabulous.  
Look at her mega feather.  
On left: featured on the GYPSY
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gypsy vanners
gypsy horses
Gypsy Princess
Mark J. Barrett
Gypsy Vanners
Gypsy Vanner Horses, Gypsy CobGypsy Vanner HorsesGypsy Buckskin Horse
Lake Ridge Cherakee Princess
Cherakee is our Gypsy Vanner  mare imported from England she is in training for riding  for 2012 .
Cherakee is a beautiful mare with allot of presence. A very pretty moving mare with an exquisite head.   
She is featured in the Mark J. Barrett's 2011 Gypsy Vanner Calendar.  Cherakee was also chosen to be the
cover girl for Dynamite  supplements 2012 catalog!   
gypsy vanners
gypsy vanners
gypsy vanners
Lake Ridge La Fonda
La Fonda imported mare from England.  She is our tallest mare at 15.3  She has foaled some amazing foals like
Natasha, Trigger, Sterling  Silver, Ricco, Beau and the newest STARLA!  She is bred to WildFire for 2013  La
Fonda is a beautiful black and white tobiano who carries a red gene.   
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                                  Gypsy Lanes Elegant Tinker  
Tinker had a beautiful black and white filly by British Sterling in June 2012!  She will be left open
for more riding and driving training for 2013. She will then be bred back to British Sterling for
2014. Tinker is a well broke mare shown at the MN horse expo  she is also trick trained  and loves
it!  Her dam is MS Twilight  and sire Lord of the Rings
Gypsies for sale
                                  LAKE RIDGE ZARENA
Zarena is a 4 year old mare out of Gypsy Love and by British Sterling.  She is in training for
riding , driving and trick training.  Plus she is the best trail horse.  She has had one buckskin
filly by Wildfire.   Repeat breeding in the future. Zarena was hired to be on a Slumberland
Commercial airing in March 2013   She will be at different fairs this year acting in her own
play "Gypsy Zarena's First Overnight"   where she will perform her tricks in a play.
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pictures of gypsy vanners
                                LAKE RIDGE NATASHA
Natasha is a 4 year old mare out of La Fonda and by British Sterling.  She  is bred to Wildfire
for 2013.  She foaled a beautiful solid palomino colt in 2011 .   Natasha is 15.1  and broke to
ride like all our mares.  She has beautiful elegant movement. Double mane and lots of feather
gypsy vanners for sale
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picture of gypsy vanners
Natasha as a yearling
Zarena featured in a Slumberland
TV commercial